A Day with the AM Vanquish in Dusseldorf

The Aston seems perfectly at ease, even on Porsche's home turf.

Seeing a European supercar on the streets of a major European city isn’t exactly a major shock, even if you do expect to see more Porsches than Astons in Germany. And indeed, this video does at first appear to be just some footage of an Aston Martin Vanquish driving around Dusseldorf. But it’s worth sticking around. After the Vanquish owner saw spotter HDVIDEONL fliming his car many times throughout the day, he finally offered to give them a ride along. Persistence can go a long way in professional car spotting.

Some of the driving is just around town, but the driver does eventually get on the freeway, and this is where it gets more interesting. The conversation is in German, but we’re reasonably sure that nobody is saying anything all that important.

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