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A Debut Ahead of Schedule: 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS

It seems to be that everyone is adopting the "four-door coupe" concept from Mercedes. Hyundai and the new Sonata, Volkswagen's CC, and BMW will have the Gran Coupe. A trend that was started by the Mercedes-Benz CLS back in 2004 has made the four-door coupe into much sought-after design. Well, it's 2010 and the Germans have unveiled the 2012 CLS for our viewing pleasure, with all four-doors intact.

The new headlight design is eye-catching, and the CLS uses a full-LED setup that make up the main headlamps, running lamps, turn signals, and side lamps. Inside, there's a new steering wheel, and the CLS now uses a column-mounted gear selector. The rest of the interior mixes luxurious appointments with modern style, providing the perfect mixture of sporty elegance without sacrificing comfort.

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