A Dodge Charger Hellcat Makes A Surprisingly Good Snow Plow


RWD and 707 hp are all you need to conquer winter.

Dodge recently announced the Challenger GT, an all-wheel-drive variant of its two-door muscle car. One of the ads it created to hype the announcement involved the AWD Challenger tearing through the snow. That clip was cool and all, but we’d rather send 707 horsepower to two tires than 305 horsepower to four. YouTuber Sinister Life—cool channel name, bro—did just that, taking his daily driver Charger Hellcat to the roof of a snow-covered parking garage for a bit of wintertime frolicking. Surprisingly a Hellcat makes a damn good snow plow.

There aren’t any epic scenes of driving skill here, just a guy living out every snowbound gearhead’s dream.

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The Charger Hellcat isn’t exactly a car people baby. Still, we didn’t expect to see one out playing in what the uploader says is a foot of snow. These things are a good value but are still pretty pricey. Why risk sliding off the road and hitting a mailbox or chance someone else losing control on the slippery streets and crashing into you? Oh yeah, because sending snow flying through the air and cooling off your brakes as quick as you burn them is awesome!