A Dodge Dealership Has Bought 99 Percent Of The Last Vipers


It's too soon to say goodbye.

The Dodge Viper is currently in its final year of production and that's a shame. The Connor Avenue Assembly Plant in Michigan is churning out the final Vipers this very instant, and those who want one will need to act fast. However, according to Jalopnik and a press release, a North Carolina Dodge dealership has ordered up to 140 of the final new 2017 Dodge Vipers. Gerry Wood Dodge, based out of Salisbury, North Carolina, claims to be "one of the World's largest Viper dealers" and it's dead serious about that.

In fact, Gerry Wood Dodge ordered several of these final Vipers with unique paint jobs and various other accessories. The dealer even claims it has "created 3 exclusive and unique Special Editions that have never before been released." These include the ACR Solid, which has a limited edition run of 17 GTC's with ACR Extreme Aero Spec, the Advanced Aero Solid Edition, which consists of 14 GTC coupes with the Advanced Aero package, and the Black Stripe Edition, a black on gold color combo with ACR spec and T/A2.0 Spec. Concerned about dealership markups?

Don't be, because the dealership confirmed with Jalopnik there won't be any markups. Cool. Viper buyers will also be treated to a VIP experience at this dealership, and we're thrilled to see the Viper receiving a proper sendoff.


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