A Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat Has Already Been Stolen

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The high-performance SUV isn't even out yet.

The conventional wisdom here in Detroit is that if you own a Mopar, you'd be wise to keep a close watch over it. Dodge Chargers and Challengers especially seem to be ripe targets for thieves, and photos of stolen cars up on cinder blocks, with crucial parts like doors and wheels missing, litter local group social media pages.

It's maybe a bit unsurprising, then, that Metro Detroit has become what surely has to be the first location in the world to experience a Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat theft. How can we be so sure? Because the vehicle isn't even available yet.

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Mopar Insiders reported on the theft after discovering a post about the incident on a Facebook page for reporting local auto thefts. The vehicle, which is a preproduction example in what appears to be Octane Red Pearl, was stolen straight from an FCA employee's driveway in the St. Clair Shores suburb. The thieves "had it started and gone within 3 minutes of entering the vehicle," the employee said in his post.

Sadly, it's unlikely that the thieves have any plans of leaving the vehicle intact; more often these days, stolen cars are taken to underground chop shops and stripped of any valuable parts, while whatever left is dragged back out and abandoned somewhere in the city.

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That outcome seems especially likely for this preproduction Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat, the Hellcat engine being the hot commodity that it is. The model also features unique 22-inch wheels and a distinctive interior, all of which are likely to fetch a pretty penny.

It's not clear exactly what makes Mopar vehicles such a target for theft in the Detroit area; neither the Charger, the Challenger, nor the Durango even cracked the top ten on this year's NICB list of the most stolen vehicles in the US. Regardless, whatever you drive, be sure to lock it up tonight.

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Source Credits: Mopar Insiders

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