A Dual-Clutch Could Be Coming To The Shelby GT350 And GT350R


Now before you freak out...

The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 and GT350R are two of the most enthusiast-focused cars on the market today. There are a list of reasons why that's so, but the biggest one we can think of is the sole transmission option for each car: a manual. But will the GT350s stay manual forever? According to Road & Track a dual-clutch gearbox could be on the way. The outlet cites evidence from Mustang6G, which is not published online, as the source of its evidence regarding the GT350 and a DCT.

Mustang6G has been right on the money with several Shelby GT350 rumors this year. For example: It correctly called the Track Package becoming standard equipment for the GT350. It was also the source of the leaked order guide for GT350. So, yeah, these folks are on the ball when it comes to news on the hottest version of the Mustang. And as for the outlet that actually broke the story, well we're inclined to believe that Road & Track has done its due diligence when it comes to verifying the evidence presented to it by Mustang6G. When reached for comment by R & T a Ford spokesperson gave the standard, "we don't comment on future product" line.

It seems almost certain that Ford is at least having internal discussions about at the possibility of bringing a dual-clutch transmission to the GT350 and GT350R. As much as we love manuals the idea makes sense. When it comes to the top-tier of high-performance cars a DCT is better for setting lap times than a manual. What's more is that a dual-clutch could open up the market for the Shelby GT350s. Not everyone wants to row their own gears at the track or one the street after all. Finally, with a sparkly new transmission option Ford could increase the price tag of both cars without suffering a big backlash. From all angles it seems to make sense. The only question is where would such a transmission come from?

Road & Track named the GT and its seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox as a possible target for transplant into the Mustang, but there's the pesky issue of whether or not the transmission would fit its new host. Perhaps Ford is working on a new version of its much-maligned PowerShift DCT for use in the Mustang? Whatever the case we're excited for the possibility of a DCT Mustang and are looking forward to future leaks on the subject. Keep that rumor mill churning, Mustang6G.

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