A European Road Trip In A Lamborghini Countach Is Heaven

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Is there anything more perfect?

The only real way to enjoy Lamborghini's first ever factory-sponsored concours event is by driving in one. Take your pick. There are many great Lamborghinis to choose from, but Harry Metcalfe made the perfect choice: his Lamborghini Countach. Starting off from his home (and wicked cool garage) in the UK, Metcalfe and his Countach drove across Southern France on the gorgeous Route Napoleon in the Provence region and ultimately ended up in Neuchatel, Switzerland, where the Lamborghini Concours d'Elegance was held.

More than 50 Lamborghinis and their owners took part, so it's no wonder Metcalfe couldn't pass up the invitation. As usual with any Harry's Garage video, Metcalfe delves into the smallest and most interesting details about his cars, including their histories, modifications, and anything else of interest.

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With his Countach, for example, he proves just how spacious its rear trunk (or boot) can be. He also had to re-install the rear wing, although he previously removed it. Reason being was that all Lamborghinis that took part in the Concours had to be in original condition, the same spec they left the Sant'Agata factory years before. Not everyone has had the chance to see a Countach in person, let alone drive in one. But Metcalfe does his best to make us feel like we're there for the road trip with him, loud cabin noise from that V12 engine and all.

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