A Facelift Revealed for the Tata Manza

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Lately when we've been hearing about Tata, it's usually in reference to this Indian automaker's ownership of iconic British automotive companies. Well the Indian manufacturer has just unveiled the new Manza, the company's mid-size sedan. What's more is that the new Manza will be available with the same Safire gasoline and Quadrajet diesel engines that can develop some 90-horsepower. Yes, I know it's hard to believe that they would even consider getting rid of that feature.

This Manza has received a facelift, but just because this is the same automaker that's given us the world's the cheapest car, it doesn't mean that this Manza is ill equipped. The Manza actually comes with an audio system with Blue 5 (Bluetooth-ish tech.), as well as some nifty controls mounted on the steering wheel. The range-topping Manza Elan sees the addition of premium features such as dual tone alloy wheels, and burgundy and beige colored interiors. Start price for a Tata Manza is around $11,300.

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