A Fair Fight? The Jaguar F-Type R Takes On The Mustang GT

With nothing in common, can both cars be a winner?

Thismay seem like a peculiar idea to some: pit an all-wheel drive convertibleversus a rear-wheel drive coupe? A $100,000 dollar piece of supercharged Europeanroad art against an entry-level American muscle car? A Jaguar F-Type RConvertible rivaling a Ford Mustang GT? It may sound preposterous and thewinner might be obvious, but who said it wouldn't be any fun? And hey, there'salways that chance that the underdog could come out on top, proving that specsheets and price tags really have nothing to do with the ability to milk a carfor all its worth.

Taking on this unusual duo, The Fast Lane Car has a lot of fun behindthe wheel of both cars. And who said every fight had to be a fair one?

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