A Faster, Lighter Alpine A110 Will Arrive With 300-HP

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Don't expect it to arrive in America, though.

It's a travesty that the recently launched Alpine A110 lightweight sports car won't be arriving Stateside. We recently drooled over the limited Premiere Edition which sold out in Europe in just five days, which is impressive considering this is Alpine's first production car in two decades. A racing variant is also coming to Europe, and now we've learned that Alpine is working on an even lighter and more powerful A110. According to Auto Express, the hotter version of the Alpine A110 is known internally as the 'Sport Chassis' model.

The range-topping A110 will reportedly deliver around 300 hp from its retuned 1.8-liter engine, up from 252 hp in the standard car. This modification will allow the A110 Sport model to rocket from 0-62 mph in under four seconds. Whether the electronically limited 155 mph top speed will be boosted remains to be seen, however. One of the Alpine A110's best attributes is its light weight thanks to the extensive use of aluminum that helps it tip the scales at just 1080 kg. However, Alpine's engineers are confident that they can shed even more weight off the sports car by reducing the interior trim, with a target weight of just 1,050 kg for the Sport model.

Chassis and suspension will also be "between 15 and 20 percent" stiffer, but the brakes will stay the same as the base car due to the slight reduction in curb weight. It will also be more responsive, as Alpine is planning to reprogram the dual clutch gearbox, steering, exhaust and ESC systems. Prices and specifications for the Alpine A110 Sport model haven't been confirmed, but you can probably expect a 10 to 15 percent premium over the standard model. AutoExpress speculates that the Sport version could arrive next summer since work on the car is close to being approved. No matter how appetizing it looks to America, it still probably won't be coming to the US.


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