A Ferrari F1 Car Made From Legos

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To help kick off the 2013 Formula 1 season, Ferrari has unveiled a life-size replica of its 2011 F150 race car.

The 2013 Formula 1 season is about to get underway today at the Rolex Australian Grand Prix.So what better way for Ferrari to get some pre-race publicity by unveiling its 1:1 scale model ofits 2011 F150 Italia car?With drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa onhand for the reveal, the promotion was a joint effort run by Shell Oil in Australia,Ferrari and the LEGO Group.Few detail shave been released about the model itself, but Ferrari claims it took several months to design and it even features real Pirelli racing tires .you

It even has a seat that's large enough to accommodate a driver and there's also an exact replica of the steering wheel which is also made entirely from Legos. The promotion between the three companies has been going on for a while now andShellgas station customers (not likely in the US) will have the chance to buy some limited edition mini Ferrari Lego kits featuring the F40, 458 Italia, FXX, 250 GT Berlinetta, the Scuderia Ferrari truck as well as a much smaller version of the F150 Italia you see here.

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