A Ferrari Smashing Into A Parked Lamborghini Will Make You Cringe

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A reminder why insurance is necessary.

The guy driving the Ferrari F430 was supposedly a professional driver. Supposedly. Try explaining that to the owner of the poor Lamborghini Gallardo, the victim of this here debacle. According to 'tantheman,' the guy who posted the video, the "pro" driver was warming up when the crash happened. All the guy wanted was a cool video showcasing two cars from two of the greatest supercar brands of all time. We totally get that.

Turns out he got an even better (or worse, depending on whom you ask) video than originally intended. So, what went wrong? The driver blamed the rain and the resulting wet tarmac. Wonder if the insurance company will buy that.

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But a pro driver should've known better to try such a maneuver in the first place, considering the wet weather ground conditions. Aside from owners and the two supercars themselves, the other loser of the day was the guy who took the video. He was slated to give those cars a test drive later that day. Clearly, that didn't happen.

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