A Fire Destroyed 20 Cars at this Jaguar Land Rover Dealer

Well, this sucks.

Ina devastating fire that hit a Jaguar-Land Rover dealership in Sudbury, Massachusetts,just outside Boston yesterday morning, 20 luxury cars and SUVs burned to theground, causing damages estimated at more than $500,000. The fire began in acustomer's Jaguar that was being serviced at the dealership and quickly spreadto other cars nearby. Many of the damaged cars were barely recognizable afterbeing consumed by the flames within minutes. No injuries were reported.

The local police department is currently looking for clues to thesource of the fire, using surveillance footage from the dealership and nearbybusinesses. Herb Chambers, the dealership's owner, said in an interview to WCVB: "We haveinsurance, you know but, you know then the question becomes, 'Is it ourinsurance? Is it the customers' insurance?' I just, I hate to have the customerin the middle of this."

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