A Flame-Spitting Nissan GT-R Is All You Need To Conquer Winter

All-wheel drive and launch control make for awesome snow days.

Yes, winter sucks. There’s no arguing that colder temperatures and shorter days are awesome. Holidays are great and all but still, snow. Of course snow allows you to do some cool things with cars that are properly equipped. One car you may not consider to be properly equipped for the snow is the Nissan GT-R. The supercar is more at home on the track but don’t forget it sports all-wheel drive. It also has launch control, and this specific example just so happens to shoot flames from its exhaust. It also does some pretty badass donuts in the snow.

In addition to spitting flames and doing donuts this GT-R also takes on a Dodge Challenger in a snowy straight line sprint. It goes as well as you’d expect. Check this video out to see all the snowy shenanigans for yourself.

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