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A Ford Escort RS Would Be Fine By Us

Rendering / 44 Comments

But it doesn't stand a chance for the US market.

For most of you who remember it, the US-spec Ford Escort is a long gone example of when automakers didn't put all that much effort into small cars. Sure, the Escort sold in huge numbers but unlike in Europe, American automakers simply didn't apply the same standards of quality for their smaller models as they did for their larger ones. After all, Americans preferred bigger cars. But still, the old Escort was popular enough for quite some time. It was eventually replaced by the Focus.

In other parts of the globe, however, the Escort is being revived as a small sedan. Ford has no intention of bringing it stateside, but it should do well enough in China and other emerging markets. And now that the Focus is available as a hot hatch by name of the ST (and the RS is coming), could Ford potentially build an Escort ST? Anything's possible and rendering artist Theophilus Chin has just presented what his take on such a car could look like. In our opinion, it really makes the old 80s era Escort look even crappier. This is a small, compact hot sedan we'd love to drive.

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