A Former Ferrari Designer To Lead Lancia-Chrysler Integration

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Lorenzo Ramaciotti to lead design team that will establish a common design language for the two brand

What is the common denominator between Fiat Group and Chrysler LLC? So far it was only Sergio Marchionne, the architect of Fiat's takeover of Chrysler and who also serves as the CEO of both companies. There are also a few Lancia models based on Chrysler cars and Chrysler cars based on Lancia's. However Marchionne is not satisfied with that level of integration, that is only badge engineering.

Now he aims to create stronger links and more substantial integration between the two nameplates in order save costs and double sales. In order to achieve his goal he chose Lorenzo Ramaciotti, Fiat Group's chief of design since 2007 is to lead a design team that will develop cars for the two brands. "We are trying to find an international language, which could have a place both here in Italy and in the U.S.," said Ramaciotti to Bloomberg.com. "If you put all the models into the showroom, they must fit together. It's a delicate problem."

Before joining Fiat, Ramaciotti had worked for Pininfarina, the Italian coachbuilder, for 32 years. He was involved in the design of Ferrari cars, among them the 612 Scaglietti. He headed Pinifarina Design for almost 20 years and under his watch the company created some 20 concept cars for various customers. However his latest mission, to combine the two worlds, that of European car design with that American car design is going to be his toughest task, as Marchionne's ambition is to sell 800,000 Lancia-Chrysler cars by 2014, more than double the current sales volume.

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