A Four-Door Lotus Doing Donuts Is One Of The Rarest Things You'll Ever See

You would do the same if you owned a four-door that could hit 180 mph.

You need to be a real Lotus fan to remember the Omega. The four-door sedan, jointly produced with Opel, was only built for two years (1990-1992) and came in one color. A total of 630 Omegas were made, making them something of a rarity. What makes this Lotus even rarer is that it could reportedly hit 180 mph. Yes, a four-door Lotus capable of doing almost 200 mph. Now that you know the Omega’s history you’ll be able to truly appreciate this awesome burnout video.

The video is shot from a bit away, but the Omega’s engine still roars as if the cameraman were in the passenger seat. It’s always great when people hoon rare cars instead of keeping them caged.

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