A Girl's Guide To The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

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How good is Alfa's latest super sedan in the eyes of someone without life-shortening testosterone running through their veins?

You may not have heard of Queen B, but the YouTube channel amends one big problem with the automotive world: the fact that women seem to be absent from it. Aside from a few notable presenters, take racing driver and Top Gear star Vicki Butler Henderson for example, most journalists are men, most race car drivers are men, and the overall perception is that cars are a manly thing to enjoy and be aware of. But this world is splintered with a diverse set of perceptions.

The fact that women don't get to drive and digest cars as often means quite a few of those splinters of perspective are missing, giving us an incomplete picture of the car world. Our host Becky attempts to fill in that gap with her own take on the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio.

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As we know well, this is a car that needs absolutely zero introduction, and keeping with our findings once exiting the cockpit of the Giulia Quad, she finds it to be absolutely marvelous. Beauty, power, carbon fiber, and sublime control through a well-crafted steering wheel, it seems, transcends each and every boundary that humans can contrive, even that of gender.

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