A Google Exec Just Bought His "Race Wife" The Best Gift Ever

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Happy birthday baby.

Google Vice President Benjamin Sloss is known for being a major gearhead. The high-tech executive has an impressive stable of cars that includes a Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1, Ferrari 458 Speciale A, a track-only Ferrari 599XX Evo, and other awesome vehicles. Another interesting note about Sloss's vehicles is that the majority of them are painted in bright yellow. Well, it would now appear as if the Sloss family has added yet another yellow beauty to their already incredible garage.

This past week, Benjamin surprised his wife Christine with a brand new yellow Ferrari FXX K for her birthday. The car was parked outsided Enzo Ferrari's office in Maranello, Italy and hidden underneath a red cloth. The incredible gift was revealed to the "Race Wife" just before embarking on a specially arranged track day at the Fiorano racetrack. Christine reportedly clocked a time of 1 minute 20 seconds on the track in her new birthday toy, only 3 seconds short of the FXX K's Fiorano track record.

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