A Grand Total Of 2 Bugatti Chirons Have Been Recalled In The US

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Affected owners will soon be visited by Bugatti's "Flying Doctors."

If you're the owner of one of two specific Bugatti Chirons in the US, this news story is for you. According to a filing from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and first reported by Motor 1, two Bugatti Chirons hypercars are being recalled due to a heat shield for the side airbags that may not have been properly installed. If the airbags deploy, "the heat generated could under certain external temperature conditions reduce(s) the performance of the airbag." The NHTSA recall report states "burn traces on the airbag have been noticed next to the gas generator.


Even though the fill time and deployment of the airbag were correct according to the specification. Further investigations have shown a wrongly assembled gas generator heat shield, which is according to the supplier, related to a particular worker." Bugatti apparently discovered the problem during a "production test of airbag deployment under high-temperature conditions."

That's when the burn traces were found next to the airbag's gas generator. It's good to know the precise issue has been found and even traced to an individual, reportedly from a supplier factory in Romania. How will Bugatti go about fixing the issue given the fact that Bugatti dealerships are not exactly found in all 50 states?

Simple, "Flying Doctors." The two affected owners don't need to travel anywhere. Instead, those "doctors" will contact these owners directly and arrange a time and place at their earliest convenience for the repairs. This is the type of service one should receive when they pay well over $1 million for a car. The repair process itself is, because it's Bugatti, impressive. Doctors will remove the affected seats and ship them back to the Bugatti factory in Molsheim, France.

There, the seats will be inspected and tested, and ultimately replaced if necessary. Of course, Bugatti will cover all expenses. To prevent this issue from coming up again, Bugatti has added a green dot beneath the airbag label indicating a full inspection was completed before the car is shipped to its owner.


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