A Grocery Run In A Pagani Huayra Is As Impossible As You'd Expect

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This is the downside to supercar ownership.

There's a lot of stuff you can't do when you drive a supercar. For example, grocery runs are next to impossible. How do we know this? YouTuber Speedracer38 rode shotgun with the owner of a Pagani Huayra as he went to Whole Foods to grab some supplies. The car obviously attracted a ton of attention, but what we were paying the most attention to is the Huayra's cargo space, or lack thereof. The guy behind the wheel has just two bags of groceries and already the Pagani is in trouble.

Yes, supercars are great for grabbing the attention of plebes and for tearing up the track. Just don't try and do normal stuff in them, like try and pick up a pizza or buy groceries.

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