A Guy Named Mullet Owns This 1550 HP Gallardo

That's an awesome car for someone with an equally awesome name.

The end of the Lamborghini Gallardo production era is upon us, but because over 14,000 examples were built over its 10-year lifespan, we won’t be seeing the car disappear from the streets anytime soon. And, of course, plenty of owners have gone to great lengths to modify their Gallardos to extreme levels. One example is this twin-turbo 1,550 horsepower Gallardo Superleggera built by Underground Racing and owned by a guy named Mullet.

We’ll assume that’s just a nickname. Anyway, this latest bit of supercar extravagance comes courtesy of the crew over at 1320video. They managed to capture the car hitting 180 mph. Impressive.

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