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A Guy Often Called Monkey Drives the Jaguar F-Type R

And what an ass this car has. And that exhaust noise. Oh, that sound.

We’ve already professed our love numerous times for the new Jaguar F-Type R Coupe. We can’t find a single thing wrong with it inside or out. It could very well be automotive perfection. Too bad it costs a huge chunk of change. But anyway, the F-Type R has already undergone several other test drives, but today auto scribe and monkey lookalike (heck, he even calls himself "Monkey") Chris Harris gets behind the wheel of this beloved feline on a twisty Spanish road.

This review is perhaps the most thorough so far as Harris gets into the nitty gritty details, such as how Jaguar went too cheap in certain parts of the interior. But no matter, the F-Type R is still utterly brilliant.

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