A Hardcore Alpine A110 Race Car Is Happening

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This isn't helping our desire to drive the A110.

It's no secret that we're utterly smitten with the reborn Alpine A110, even though it sadly won't be coming to America. So just to make us even more envious that we won't get to drive this seductive mid-engined sports car on American roads, Alpine has announced that a hardcore race car version of the A110 is being developed. Called the A110 Cup, the French manufacturer confirmed that the A110 racer will be designed, built, and sold by racing company Signatech and will compete in a European one-make series in 2018.

A teaser sketch shows how the A110 Cup could look, and it's safe to say it looks much more aggressive than its road car counterpart. According to Autocar, the A110 Cup Car will be fitted with racing modifications including a rollcage, a bodykit with enhanced aerodynamics, and a stripped-out interior to meet FIA-homologation standards. These modifications will ensure that the A110 Cup will be even lighter than the already fat-free road car, which has a curb weight of just 1080kg. It will be fitted with the standard car's turbocharged 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine, but a less restrictive exhaust and induction system should help it gain a power increase from the standard car's 247-hp.

Alpine expects the one-make series be made up of 20-car grids, but further details will be revealed in September where we'll also find out which European circuits will feature in the series. The first batch of limited-edition A110s will start production next year, so expect the racing variant to arrive soon after. This isn't the first time Alpine has launched a one-make racing championship, either. Between 1985 and 1988, track-versions of the GTA V6 Turbo sports car competed in the Alpine GTA Europa Cup as a support event before European Formula One races.

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