A Homemade DeLorean Time Machine Constructed from Legos

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The DeLorean time machine is still a fan favorite since 1985.

"Back to the Future" always has and will likely always be a favorite film for car lovers. Whether you even like the DeLorean DMC-12 that Doc Brown turned into a time machine is one thing, but there's no doubt the car was the main star of the trilogy. There have been many homemade replicas of it over the years, both full-size and scaled-down, but what's great is that they simply keep coming. The latest is this DeLorean time machine constructed from Legos.

Built in a 1:15 scale, it comes complete with all of the time circuits and folding wheels. Considering that it's made out of Legos, both the interior and exterior are impressively detailed. This is all the creation of Lego and "Back to the Future" fan Alex Jones. Even with an original creation such as this, he has also built an impressive recreation of 2015 Hill Valley, complete with Griff Tannen's gang on their hoverboards, the famous clock tower, and the Cafe 80s. There's even a collection of Mr. Fusions - all made from Legos. If only we had this much free time on our hands. Photos courtesy of Alex Jones.

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