A Homemade Flying DeLorean Time Machine Caught on Video

We're supposedly only three years away from flying cars.

Many of us are fans not only of the "Back to the Future" trilogy, but also of the idea of flying cars. Well, 2015 is not too far away and judging by what we can see so far, flying cars won't be on the streets (or in the air) anytime soon. But that hasn't stopped some people from coming up with their own short-term solutions. In an attempt to replicate their favorite flying time machine, this fan simply built his own scaled-down replica, complete with Mr. Fusion, accurate lighting, and plenty of other solid detail work.

Even the wheels feature appropriate lights, making this foam core replica look even more film accurate, especially when flying at night. But what would be even cooler would be to have a working hoverboard - and that's something that can be made life-size.

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