A Jaguar F-Type Shooting Brake Would Steal Customers Away From Ferrari


The Ferrari GTC4Lusso looks great, but this Jag may have it beat.

Before the Bentley Bentayga, Porsche Panamera, and Ferrari FF, it was considered sacrilege to build SUV, sedan, and hatchback versions of cars that were traditionally enthusiast-focused and intended for pleasant drives through a winding road and not utility in the parking lot. The almighty dollar is what speaks the loudest, however, and thanks to customer demand for cars with a fancy badge that can do what a Subaru Forrester can do, automakers have begun to build these sorts of machines.

Jaguar is no exception thanks to the new and strong selling F-Pace, which will soon be followed by an even more high volume SUV dubbed the E-Pace. However, no utile version of the F-Type has been mentioned for the obvious reason that revenue would not outweigh the cost of investment, but thanks to rendering artist X-Tomi Design, we can get an idea of what a Jaguar F-Type would look like as a shooting brake. Based on the newly refreshed Jaguar F-Type 400, the hatchback interpretation of one of our favorite British coupes looks stunning, almost as if the designers already had a shooting brake body style in mind for the car.

The rear roofline stays near to that of the F-Pace, but rather than a front end ready to munch up bad terrain, this shooting brake remains pretty enough for a London stroll. An elongated door hints at the possibility that a rear seat inhabits some of the newfound trunk space to give adrenaline-loving parents the chance to own a fun car when saddled with children. The F-Type Shooting Brake would obviously have to utilize Jaguar's all-wheel drive setup if it has any hope of competing with the Ferrari FF, but based on looks alone, we think it has the chops it needs to stick it to the Italian Stallion. All it needs is a supercharged V8 up front and we'd have the complete grand touring package for the busy enthusiast.


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