A. Kahn Design Subtly Enhances Rolls-Royce Ghost

With armored plating, bullet proof glass and new wheels, the eccentric British tuning outfit has given the Ghost an understated upgrade.

There aren't too many in-your-face changes that have been made to the Kahn Rolls-Royce Ghost, probably because the design of the base Roller doesn't need to be messed with. The subtle styling package consists of clear side light repeaters, shadow line finish, headlight surrounds, window surrounds, rear light surrounds and under floor lighting. A. Kahn Design also offers the option of a state-of-the-art bullet resistant glass, as part of its high security product range.

In addition, layers of armored plates have been inserted under the outer skin of the entire car. A complete bespoke interior design service is also available, which is described thus: "By buying a A. Kahn Design vehicle, you are given the opportunity to really make it your own - you could forget the reclining individual rear chairs: you can instead go for a single sofa bench, like one of those old-style double seats in the back of the cinema. "You could, for example, have an exterior the colour of suit and an interior with seats the same shade as your living room - the choice is yours."

Finally, a set of Kahn wheels have been added. 22-inch Kahn Silver Mist Rolls Royce wheels to be exact, which come with a diamond polish to each spoke.

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