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A. Kahn Design To Debut Its First Original Supercar This Week


The project is six years in the making, so it better be good.

A. Kahn Design, the British luxury tuning house, has released a pair of teaser images for its new WB12 Vengeance supercar. Little is known about the WB12, but what has been discerned is that “WB” stands for “wide body” and the number 12 is in reference to the amount of cylinders in the engine. The chassis will come from an Aston Martin. According to A. Kahn Design founder Afzal Kahn the styling cues for the lightweight aluminum body will come from the Vanquish.

The WB12 Vengeance has been a long time coming, as in six years in the making. Pricing and availability are not yet known, but expect it to cost a pretty penny and production to be limited accordingly. An original supercar based on the Vanquish sounds awesome, but six years is a long time to wait for anything, especially in the automotive world. We'll know if the wait has been worthwhile later in the week when the WB12 Vengeance debuts.

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