A Kia Supercar Is No Longer Just A Fantasy

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Dreams sometimes do come true.

The launch of a brand game changer like the 2018 Kia Stinger also brings with it much speculation regarding the future of Kia performance itself. More specifically, what will be Kia's next premium performance vehicle? Speaking with Albert Biermann, Kia's Head of Vehicle Test and High Performance Development at Detroit, we specifically asked him that very question. As is typical with such a direct question, Dr. Biermann declined to directly comment, only confirming that Kia isn't done with performance vehicles; the Stinger is only the beginning.

However, every great car engineer has a dream project and we were determined to find out Biermann's. After all, this is the guy who headed up BMW's M performance division for over 30 years, and was responsible for many wonderful driver's cars, among them the iconic E30 M3. Now starting fresh at Kia, Biermann's ultimate project would be a Ford GT fighter. Is that something Kia is even contemplating? "Not at the moment, no," Biermann told us. "But never say never. We'll have to wait and see the market reaction to the Stinger and future models and go from there." It wouldn't be a complete impossibility for Kia to go into the supercar segment, but, let's face it, doing so would be an extremely tall order.

We think, for the time being at least, Kia will focus on the Stinger's upcoming market launch and over time we'll slowly begin to learn more about additional Kia performance models (a coupe, perhaps?). The top-of-the-line Stinger's twin-turbo 3.3-liter V6 with an estimated 365 hp could easily be modified for duty under the hood of a number of new models. Biermann and crew know exactly what they're doing and the Stinger is the start of a whole new era for Kia.

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