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Want one of the most exclusive hypercars on the planet? You still have a chance to order one new.

A German used car dealer called Mobile has a build slot for a Koenigsegg Jesko megacar for sale, and the dealer is asking for €4,284,000 (approximately $4,657,000) for the privilege of configuring and owning the car new. According to Autoevolution, the build slot is one that appeared for sale in 2022, which makes one wonder why it hasn't been snapped up yet. Is the asking price too high? At launch, the car was said to be offered with a base price of $3 million, but with only 125 build slots open, the seller clearly believes that the opportunity to own the rare beast shouldn't come quite so easily.

2021 Koenigsegg Jesko Frontal Aspect Koenigsegg

The Jesko is unlike anything else. Its 5.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine is capable of producing up to 1,603 horsepower when running on E85 ethanol, and the car can be configured in one of two ways: Absolut or Attack. Buyers are not allowed to own both cars. The Absolut is the variant that does away with a huge rear wing to slice through the air more efficiently and therefore has a higher top speed, while the Attack is more focused on handling and lateral performance than straight-line speed.

This listing is for a build slot, so it stands to reason that the eventual buyer will be able to choose which configuration the car is built in.


The final figure the buyer will pay will likely exceed $5 million, as we doubt anyone spending this kind of cash on a car would be unwilling to customize it to their individual taste. A look at the Jesko configurator a couple of years back showed that paint alone is rather expensive. For example, while solid hues are a no cost-option, metallics cost almost $14,000, and candy colors were over $63,000. Opt for carbon fiber, and the options can go as high as $440,000 for an exterior body finish and a hundred grand for carbon wheels.

Buying a build slot can be risky, so if you'd rather not take the chance, perhaps buying a newer Gemera directly from the OEM is a better call.


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2021 Koenigsegg Jesko Frontal Aspect

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