A Koenigsegg One:1 For Sale At Double Its Original Price Is A Good Deal

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Spending a couple million on a Koenigsegg One:1 sounds like a good investment to us.

Last year we ripped Naples Motorsports in Florida for having the gall to try and sell a "normal" Ferrari LaFerrari for $5 million. Now another Florida-based exotic car dealer is selling a supercar for the same price. Prestige Imports has a Koenigsegg One:1 for sale, with The Drive learning the dealership wants $5 million for it. Only seven were made-six sold to the public and one Koenigsegg kept-and each one sold had a price tag of $2.85 million, which means Prestige Imports wants almost double the car's original price.

Still, $5 million isn't awful when you consider the fact that the last One:1 we saw for sale cost $6 million. That One:1 was on sale at UK dealership SuperVettura. We're not sure if the $6 million asking price was met but we have a pretty good feeling we know who bought it. That would be Portuguese pro racing driver Carina Lima, seen a few weeks ago piloting her Koenigsegg in Monaco. As for who will buy this example, that's anyone's guess. We don't think Prestige Imports will have a hard time finding someone to plunk down $5 million for this supercar, though. This specific example was shown at Monterey Car Week in 2015 so it has a bit of a historical factor going for it. It also only has 495 miles on the odometer, in case you were wondering.

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