A Koenigsegg One:1 Has Been Mauled In What May Be The Most Expensive Nurburgring Crash Ever

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Not everything goes to plan when chasing world records.

Once officials at the Nurburgring decided to lift the speed limits placed following the 2015 crash during a racing event that killed a spectator, hypercar manufacturer Koenigsegg got the green light to begin practicing for a world record lap time. Given that its One:1 hypercar makes 1,341 horsepower to provide warp drive-esque acceleration, it's easy to see why pesky speed limits were impeding on the Swedish automaker's attempts at beating the Porsche 918's lap time of 6:57.

However, there is evidence to show that even a Koenigsegg chassis inhabited by a professional racing driver may not be enough to keep all of that power under control, because the One:1 being used for the run has just crashed. Details are scarce, but what we do know is that the driver was sent to the hospital and released the same day, proving that at least the safety systems were working just fine after being involved in the Green Hell's most expensive crash to date. The only evidence to show us what happened is a pair of skid marks implying that the driver was carrying too much speed before mangling the $2.85 million dollar hypercar by hitting a guardrail and flipping onto the other side of the safety barrier.

Unfortunately, the One:1 was completely mauled in the crash and it appears that repairs are not possible given that the car now consists of cracked carbon fiber and violently shorn off fenders. The airbag was also deployed and if the charring of the rear end is telling of anything, it looks like the One:1 was on fire for a short moment. Given the gravity of the crash, it's incredibly lucky that no one was hurt, although now that one of the seven Koenigseggs has been wiped out, the One:1 is now even closer to extinction than it was before. Hopefully Koenigsegg won't allow the incident to stop its record lap time quest and will go back to the track once it catches a bit of r&r. Photo by Frank Jacobs of Autoweek Netherlands.

Source Credits: www.autoweek.nl

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