A Lamborghini And Bentley Crashed In Two Separate Incidents In The Same Town On The Same Night

And one photographer witnessed it all.

Talk about good timing for this photographer. According to a report originally coming from the UK's Mirror, photographer Daniel Patch was hanging around Essex, UK the other night and witnessed not one, but two exotic car crashes. They were separate incidents that occurred a few hours a part. First came the Lamborghini Gallardo, which smashed through a barrier at a Morrison’s car park in Grays, Essex at about 2am. That gold-wrapped Lambo had its rear bumper nearly ripped off.

Next up came a powder blue Bentley Continental GT whose driver somehow lost control. The result was damage to the front grille. Patch originally went to film the cars coming down the street, but ended up calling emergency services after the respective crashes instead. Fortunately no one was injured, but the cars’ total crash bills supposedly came to 350,000 pounds. Photos courtesy of Patch/Caters.

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