A Lamborghini Aventador Roadster Is More Fun On The Streets Than A Track

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Take our word for it.

Okay so maybe Road Show is a bit late to the review party when it showed up to an airstrip with a 691-horsepower Aventador Roadster, but if Lamborghini tossed you the keys to any of its cars, would you turn up your nose because everyone else had already gotten a spin? Yeah, we wouldn't either. As any Top Gear fan knows well, there's a usual barrage of testing maneuvers to take an Aventador through when it goes to an air strip because previously that was the only safe place to open one up.

The first is to toy with the buttons until the signature Lamborghini "Thrust Mode Possible" sign comes up, telling the driver that the bull is ready to pour its V12 fury out through all four tires and attempt to give them a concussion using inertia and the headrest.

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After that is up, a race against a Volkswagen Golf GTI is in order given the tradition set by Top Gear. So that's all good and done, so how else does a test driver have fun? Well funny enough, the Aventador Roadster is a car that's potentially more fun to drive on the winding roads than on the open air strip. Even with an angry bull on the logo, the Lamborghini still technically comes from Volkswagen, meaning that German engineering and handling prowess is baked in. Still more exciting is the experience of driving a few hundred thousand dollars worth of supercar without the top on, letting that shrill V12 engine sing its song into the cabin.

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