A Lamborghini Aventador With A Capristo Exhaust Sounds As Incredible As You'd Expect

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Louder noise. Less weight. More power. What's not to like?

There were quite a few areas you could argue the standard Lamborghini Aventador was lacking in (iffy gearbox, a jittery-even-by-supercar-standards ride quality,the prominence of Audi switchgear in the cabin, etc...), but you could never fault it for a lack of speed. However, some out there do think the regular Aventador's 700-hp V12 just doesn't offer enough, as demonstrated by Capristo via its new exhaust system for the scissor-doored supercar.

On sale for a rather considerable $7,400, the Capristo setup for the Lamborghini Aventador does a lot more than allow even more noise to thunder its way through the tailpipes.

Along with the valve system that can be opened and closed via a remote control, the exhaust pipes are now lighter and allegedly boost the power output. Capristo claims the Aventador when fitted with this new, lighter stainless steel setup can liberate another 34 horsepower from the 6.5-liter engine. When factored into the 51 lb-ft torque increase to 545 lb-ft Aventador owners can now "get the power in the rpm range where you would normally drive the car," as Capristo says on its site. That's fine, but what we really care about is the noise. The volume differences are obviously hard to notice when all we've got to go on is a video from our Dutch industry colleagues at Hart Voor Auto's.

But we feel it's pretty safe to say that the Capristo exhaust kit hasn't negatively impacted the tone of that screaming V12 engine. If we were wealthy owners of a Lamborghini Aventador and had a good seven-and-a-half grand gathering dust in a bank account somewhere, we'd certainly consider fitting a Capristo stainless steel exhaust system on our insane Italian supercar.

BilMagasinetTV via Youtube
BilMagasinetTV via Youtube

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