A Lamborghini Countach Restoration Is Absolutely Mesmerizing To See

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Over 30 years old and it's never looked better.

The design dates back to 1973 but it still looks gorgeous and exotic today, more than 40 years later. The Lamborghini Countach, even after all of these years, is still one of the greatest supercars of all time. A total of only 2,049 examples were built during its 17 year production run. Obviously every surviving Countach is rare and special, but not all of them are in the best of shape. Fortunately, this 1984 Countach recently underwent a complete restoration and it was revealed at Pebble Beach a couple of years ago.

Its restorers documented the entire build, showing off everything from its red leather seats, various parts, and even its instrumentation. Turns out its original interior was in very good shape from the get-go, so it only needed relatively minor work. Its suspension was removed and completely rebuilt using all factory pieces. Interestingly, this Countach was repainted red at the Lamborghini factory though it started off as white. It was then painted white again before being sold to its first owner. Why the red respray? Supposedly because it was used as a factory display vehicle at the 1983 Paris Motor Show. In any case, it's now received a fresh coat of Bianco Perlato. The completed restoration is nothing short of stunning.

Source Credits: www.ferrarichat.com

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