A Lap Around Spa In An Aventador SV Is As Insane As It Sounds


The question is, what's more insane? The noise or the SV's ferocity?

Throughout history Lamborghini has never been known as a car company that makes race cars. Instead, it churned out supercars with ferocious V12 engines that could get off the line quickly and snap necks when passing by in traffic. But approach a corner and anything, even a prayer, was more effective than turning the wheel. Lambos of old were not only status symbols, they were proof of courage. However, now that it's 2016 and Lamborghini is owned by ze Germans, the big bruising supercars are no longer corner-phobes.

In fact, Volkswagen has tuned the newest Lamborghinis to such a high level of refinement that the Aventador SV can lap the Nurburgring in less than 7 minutes, a benchmark that even hypercars have a hard time crossing. Of course, a supercar is only as good as its driver. Some Aventador SVs even have a hard time getting away from BMW M3 ring taxis in bad hands. Not so in this POV hot lap, but that's only because the driver is none other than professional racing driver Leyton Clarke. He feels right at home in command of the 740 horsepower made by the screaming 6.5-liter V12 engine and it shows. Despite his experience, even Clarke is impressed by the Lambo's power. According to him, the SV makes his race car look like a shopping trolley.

With that kind of endorsement, we're sure the owner who let him borrow the car can rest easy with their half-million dollar purchase.


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