A Look Back At The History Of The Mid-Engine Ferrari V8

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The more things change the more they stay the same...only now with a pair of turbos.

It really all began back in 1973 when Ferrari introduced its first-ever V8 production model: the 308 GT4. But it wasn't until 1976 that its Dino badge was swapped out in favor of the Ferrari "Prancing Horse." It looked different from most other Ferraris due to it being designed by Marcello Gandini at Bertone, the man behind the wedge-shaped Lamborghini Countach. Pininfarina once again applied its curvy signature styling to the 308 GT4's successor, the 308 GTB and GTS.

The Mondial was related to the 308 but it wasn't considered a true high-performance model like the former. In 1985 the 328 was introduced, looking similar but an overall improvement over its predecessor. The 348 came next in 1989 followed by the F355 in 1994, which saw the first use of a Ferrari F1 electrohydraulic manual gearbox. The next major redesign happened in 1999 with the launch of the 360 Modena. The F430 followed in 2004, being more of a heavily refreshed 360 than a completely new model. But it was in 2009 when perhaps the biggest mid-engine V8 revolution happened in Ferrari's history: the 458 Italia. And now its successor is here, the twin-turbo 488 GTB.

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