A Major Update To The Lamborghini Aventador Is Coming Next Month

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2017 is going to start off just right.

We didn't really think about how old the Lamborghini Aventador was until we saw this report from Autocar detailing the reveal of an updated model set to debut this January. The British motoring outlet received an invite from the Italian supercar company to attend the supercar's coming out party, scheduled to be held at Circuit Ricardo Tomo in Valencia, Spain. Complete details weren't given, but the invite did say that the updated Aventador would feature "new design, superior power and a mix of advanced technologies."

An F1 track was chosen to hold the launch event so that journalists could experience the new "active technology." What that technology is remains to be seen, although the Centenario is a good guess as to what new features the next Aventador will have. We expect the limited edition's rear-wheel steering system to be present on the new Aventador. As for the styling carrying over, well the Centenario's look is a bit too extreme for the mainstream. That being said the rear diffuser on the camouflage-covered Aventador we caught testing back in October looks similar to the one found on the Aventador SV. The same goes for that front end as well.

As for the engine that will be under the hood, Autocar predicts it will mirror the power output of the Centernario. We don't think Lamborghini would give a widely available model-relatively speaking-like the Aventador the same state of tune as a 1 of 40 limited edition costing $1.9 million. Something between the current power output of 691 horsepower and the Centenario's 770 horses seems about right. (We know, such a brave estimation.) January is right around the corner which means we won't have to wait long to see how Lamborghini plans to keep the Aventador competitive in what is becoming an increasingly crowded supercar market.

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