A Man Suffered A Seizure While Driving And Smashed Into Two Corvettes

Not exactly how you'd plan your day.

The good news, first and foremost, is that no one was killed or seriously injured, but it could have been a lot worse. According to the ABC News affiliate in Toledo, Ohio, as a man was exiting the highway he suddenly began to suffer from a seizure. He started to lose control of his car but fortunately his wif, who was in the front passenger seat, acted fast and managed to steer the car from there and regain some control.

However, they still drove right through an intersection and straight into the Dave White Chevrolet dealership lot, slamming head-on into a new Corvette Stingray. A second Corvette was also damaged. The man was quickly taken to the hospital, according to witnesses at the scene. The amount of damage to the two Vettes came to more than $200,000.

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