A Massive Python Hiding Under Your Hood Is The Ultimate Engine Problem

Do not watch this if you hate snakes. Seriously, spare yourself.

Only in Africa would you face a car problem like this. Ben Mostert lives in Karoi, Zimbabwe, and is a farmer. When he moved into his new house the old owners warned him that a massive python was lurking about. Mostert came face to face with it one day, capturing the snake and driving a few miles away to dump it in a river. But the same day the snake found its way home and eventually settled under the hood of the family’s Ford. Ben Mostert decided to drive around a bit in the hopes that the heat would scare it off.

Of course that didn’t happen because if it did we wouldn’t have this video. This scene is intense but you wouldn’t know it by looking at Mostert, who casually grabs the snake and tosses it into the bush like a pile of old extension cables.

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