A Mazda3 Coupe is Something We'd Buy

Although its production chances are slim, a Mazda3 coupe would look great in the model lineup.

Generally speaking, slicing the rear doors off a popular entry-level sedan doesn’t necessarily translate into another sales hit. There have been some exceptions - the Honda Civic Coupe and Kia Forte immediately come to mind - but for the most part automakers aren’t too keen on small coupes. But what if a two-door version of a fantastic-looking small sedan, say the new 2014 Mazda3, was just as pleasing on the eyes?

This latest rendering by Theophilus Chin displays the new Mazda3 as a coupe. It looks fantastic and our gearhead imaginations got into gear a bit more when we thought of Mazda not only doing a 3 coupe, but also giving it the Speed3 treatment. What a combination that would be.

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