A McLaren 570S With Studded Tires Is The Perfect Winter Daily Driver

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McLaren's winter driving school looks like it's worth the money.

A few months ago we wrote about the Pure McLaren Arctic Experience, an opportunity for fans of the brand to experience its supercars in subzero temperatures. The photos released by the English supercar company made the event, held in Ivalo, Finland, seem quite epic. But we didn't realize how awesome hooning a 570S on snow and ice would be until we saw this video starring Kenny Bräck, a Finnish racing driver and McLaren development driver. With a pair of studded tires and a frozen lake at his disposal Bräck puts on a show.

Slow motion looks so much better when snow is flying everywhere, doesn't it?

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We loved driving the McLaren 570S in Portugal. We especially enjoyed getting behind the wheel of the 650S Spider in San Francisco. However, having a wide open space to spray snow seems like it would top both of those experiences, although at $15,000 a pop the Pure McLaren Arctic Experience isn't cheap. It's not for the faint of heart either. In the video the temperature is quoted at -14 degrees. Whether that's in Celsius or Fahrenheit it's still damn cold. Ivalo is only 200 miles from the Arctic Circle. All things considered we'd still pay the fee and make the trek to Finland.

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