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A McLaren P1 With An Electric Bumblebee Color Scheme Is Now For Sale

The price isn’t listed because if you have to ask, it isn’t for you.

Normal laws of physics don’t apply to supercars, especially the likes of the nerve-shredding McLaren P1. Apparently, normal terms don’t apply to the car either because this P1 has gone up for sale as a "secondhand" McLaren in Dubai. Two years ago another P1 went on sale as a secondhand car despite not having a single mile on its clock. The dealership, Seven Car Lounge, won’t release the asking price or the mileage for the 903 horsepower hybrid hypercar unless you’re a serious buyer.

It’s probably safe to assume that this McLaren has seen the inside of a very clean garage more than it has seen a road. This particular example has a yellow and contrasting black paint job with a matching black interior with yellow seat belts. The dealership gives wealthy buyers the chance to own two of the hypercar trinity’s members because a Porsche 918 Spider is on sale at the dealership, along with a Maserati MC12 and a Bugatti Veyron. Inquire with the Dubai-based dealership soon because when one of the 375 examples of the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 McLaren goes on sale it doesn’t remain there for long.

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