A Mercedes-AMG GT3 is on the Way for a 2016 Track Date

Guaranteed to be awesome.

The era of the Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 will soon come to a close. But have no worries, the German automaker has absolutely no intention of letting it die in vain. A successor is very much in development. According to a recent report, Mercedes-AMG has confirmed that a replacement endurance racer is currently in the works. Set for a 2016 launch, the Mercedes-AMG GT3 will begin an "intense testing and development period" sometime next year.

No other details have been made clear just yet, but it’s definitely good to know the AMG GT will soon hit the track. For now, Mercedes has confirmed it’ll continue to support the SLS AMG GT3 even after the AMG GT3 is good to go. Basically, there are still plenty of teams out there who plan to continue racing the SLS AMG GT3 and Mercedes has clarified that these teams "can thus make their long-term planning and can rely on the usual full support by AMG Customer Sports." What we’re wondering is whether or not we’ll see the SLS AMG GT3 and AMG GT3 compete against one another. That’d definitely be worth seeing.

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