A Model X Accelerated And Crashed On Its Own, Exposing A Huge Autopilot Problem


Unintended acceleration is scary enough in a Camry, but what about a 762-horsepower Tesla?

The Tesla Model X is the fastest stock SUV that money can buy. It’s 0-60 mph acceleration time of 3.2 seconds means that it can run Ferraris off the track in a cloud of dust and shame and the SUV can even beat a sports car like the Alfa Romeo 4C in a drag race while towing another 4C. On the other hand, the Model X is also the most technologically advanced SUV ever, complete with complicated Falcon Wing doors and an autopilot system.

But as we all know, the technology hasn’t always had a stellar track record for reliability. The Falcon Wing doors have provided more headaches for owners and Elon Musk than they are worth and the touchscreen has sporadic freezing episodes that inconvenience buyers. However, things step up a notch when the problems go from being minor annoyances to severe life-threatening issues. According to a Tesla Forum user by the name of “Puzzant,” his five-day-old Model X is one of the first cars to suffer a seriously dangerous glitch. He reported to the forum that the brand new SUV suddenly applied full throttle acceleration on its own while in a parking lot and crashed into a building.

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The crash caused damage to the building and deployed the airbags, which gave his wife burn marks. Aside from that there were no other injuries, although Puzzant mentioned that if his wheels hadn’t been turned slightly to the left, the car would have rocketed itself into innocent bystanders and caused fatalities. Tesla hasn’t issued a statement about the crash, but Tesla's roadside assistance told the owner to tow the car to a storage location. He did so after taking some pictures and later pleading with Tesla to stop Model X deliveries while it investigates the issue. Whether this is a Toyota-like case of an accelerator stuck under the floor mat or a legitimate software problem, having no control over a 762-horsepower SUV sounds terrifying.

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