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A Modern Chrysler PT Cruiser Looks Better Than You'd Expect

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Maybe this car deserves another chance.

With all of the nameplates currently being brought out of retirement, like the Blazer, Bronco, and Voyager, almost no one has expressed interest in the return of the Chrysler PT Cruiser. The PT Cruiser gets a bad rap because it famously underperformed in crash tests and the retro styling was not to some people's liking.

But the retro hatchback built from 2001 to 2010 did have some upsides including a turbocharged GT variant with a borrowed engine from the SRT-4 Neon producing 230 horsepower. It could even be paired with a five-speed manual and a convertible top. Chrysler has made no mention of bringing back the PT Cruiser but it is still interesting to think about what the car could look like if it was built in 2019.

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YouTube artist TheSketchMonkey wondered what the PT Cruiser would look today and decided to make a series of videos showing the rendering process. TheSketchMonkey started by rendering the rear end and said he would do the front end if his first video received over 5,000 likes (the video currently sits at over 12,000 likes).

It is incredible how little of the overall shape is changed in these renderings but the PT Cruiser is made to look like a brand-new car with modern Chrysler design elements. The grille and headlights are replaced with units from a more modern Chrysler vehicle and the rear end has been given a futuristic single-piece taillight design. Finally, some larger wheels help complete the PT Cruiser's transformation into a 2019 model.

The end result is far better than anyone could have imagined and the design could make for a nice rival to the new Kia Soul. Throw in a plug-in hybrid or electric drivetrain and a 2020 PT Cruiser could be a hot seller. Bringing back the PT Cruiser is likely not on Chrysler's radar but if it looked this good, maybe FCA should consider it.