A Morning Drive In Magnum PI's Ferrari Is The Best Start To The Day

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Matt Farah gets to drive a pristine, unrestored example.

The Ferrari 308 is a fascinating collectible supercar. Depending on the year and condition, an old 308 go be found for less than $50,000, or as much as three times that amount for a pristine example. The 308 gained most of its fame from the hit television show, Magnum PI. This example that Matt Farah gets to drive is being sold by Fusion Luxury Motors in Chatsworth, California. Farah and the dealership have an agreement to let him take out cars in their inventory in exchange for a little publicity. Sounds like a great deal.

Farah has already had a go in the dealer's BMW Z8 Alpina, and now he gets to drive a 1979 Ferrari 308 with only 4,800 miles on it. The car is completely unrestored and has been serviced its whole life. It even has brand new tires, which keeps Farah's mind at ease.

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So how does Farah enjoy the 2.8-liter 240 horsepower V8? Even though this so-called "supercar" would be outclassed by a modern day Honda Accord V6, it is still an amazing driving experience. Farah comments about the feelings that you won't find in other cars like smell of the leather and the feel of the steering twitching in your hand. The car is being offered for $99,000, and for a collectible Ferrari, that is not bad. It may not be Magnum's actual car, but the legend of the 308 is still a pretty good one.

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