A Mysterious New Ram New Off-Roader Will Be Revealed At Detroit?

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Could this be a competitor to the SVT Raptor?

The outgoing generation Ford SVT Raptor was not only a great off-roader, but it was also extremely lucky. Well, more specifically, Ford was. The reason being is that there really wasn't any direct competitor, in stock form at least. The SVT Raptor ruled its domain. Nothing (again, stock) could challenge it. That may soon change because Ram Trucks has just begun teasing a new off-roader that'll debut later next week at Detroit. The only clue we have so far is a statement coming from the automaker itself, stating the follwoing:


"Life's more fun off the beaten path. An exciting new way to get there is coming soon!" Detroit is a good of place as ever to reveal something of this nature. What's more, rumor has it the new SVT Raptor, based off the new F-150, could also debut in the Motor City. We'll know everything very, very soon.


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